Monymusk Boules Tournament


A team from Collieston Boules Club – the Creoles – won the first ever Monymusk Boules Masters tournament held in the historic Aberdeenshire village on Saturday (June 8).

The tournament, which raised money for local charity and is scheduled to become an annual event, attracted 30 teams. The Creoles – Jack Page (skip), Ken Ingram, Bryce Thomson and Alan White – won six matches in a row to reach the final which saw them beat local team the Boule Dozers.

Collieston Boules Club was well represented at the day-long event with four teams taking part (the Forvie Folkies – Elizabeth Hay, Ellie Ingram, Alison Allan and Charles Esson – came fourth).

The Masters trophy, which is retained at the Grant Arms Hotel in Monymusk, was presented to the Creoles by Lady Grant of Monymusk.Image

Pier Minutes May 2013

Minutes of Meeting – Collieston Harbour Group – 27 May, 2013.

Present Andrew Couper, Robin Mackie, Lewis Cowie, , , Roger Berl, Dave Stewart, Chris Stewart, , John Proudlock, , Roddy Junor, Sally Sheenan, Susan Taylor

Iain Taylor, Trish Cowie, Ewen Cowie ,Rob Merson ,Isobel Davidson, Meg Wallace, Mike Wallace, Paul Ritchie, Lorraine Cumming

Harbour Works Arch Henderson have completed their survey, less the underwater work and an initial report should be completed soon. Andrew will follow this up again.

Work is progressing well on the shuttering for the delivery of the cement. Lewis will arrange this for SATURDAY 1st JUNE at 11ooHrs. Any helpers to help spread the cement will be welcomed. The invoice for this will come out of the Council grant. It will cost approx. £1,602.
A letter of thanks will be sent to Glen Ross for the use of his generator and for putting in the ladder handrails. He has also agreed to make .a railing for the lower end of the pier.

Funding Andrew and Huib have checked the financial records and they cannot find any record of money from Aberdeenshire council for the last 4 years.
Alan Whyte is organising the photographic competition. There will be 12 of the best pictures that will go into the calendar. The calendar will be available for the craft fair in November.
Chris has requested if possible some close up photos of the hole in the back of the pier. They will be used in the funding bid.
Many thanks to the soup and pudding organisers. An amazing £450 profit was made and the merchandise sales are at approx£300 and still counting. Costs are still to come out of that last amount.

Boatie Shore The hole in the slip way will hopefully be filled with the cement delivery.

The notices for voluntary payment for storage of boats is due. The period runs from March to March. Letters will be sent out soon. There is a badly damaged boat that needs to be removed. A letter will be sent to the owner informing them of this fact.
Susan now has a list of all the existing boats on the shore.

It was suggested that some kind of information board might be a useful way to inform the community of the status of the boatie shore.
AOCB Sally informed us of their progress with the funding bids. The Heritage Lottery funding is a lengthy process that is ongoing meantime. Sally has obtained an application for Historic Scotland grant that seems promising.

Date of Next Meeting 24 June 2013 at the Collieston Community Centre at 730pm