Admiral Redsocks Speeds to Victory at Stonehaven Regatta

Saturday 24th August saw the Admiral Redsocks and crews head south to sunny
Stonehaven to enjoy a day’s racing as part of the wider Harbour Festival. The Redsocks
was joined by skiffs from Portsoy, Catterline and Pittenweem and friendly rivalry was
renewed in fantastic boating conditions.

Extraordinary team effort saw the Admiral Redsocks placed first overall, receiving a
beautiful hand-turned spalted birch bowl as winners of the inaugural Stonehaven Regatta
2014, followed closely by Pittenweem’s Fisher Lass, the Spirit of Catterline and the Soy
Loon. Following a mighty rendition on the Old Pier, it’s likely that refrains of ‘Speed the
Admiral Redsocks’, are still echoing around Stonehaven Harbour.


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