The Admiral Goes Back to School

CORC school 2
During preparations for the June launch of the Admiral Redsocks, Slains
School children were busy with their summer term theme of boats and boat
building. An opportunity for community linked learning was readily identified
and the idea of a CORC visit to Slains School was suggested to Head
Teacher Mr. Duncan Reaves.

On Friday 12th September, Andrew Davidson and David Burrows gave a
whole school talk consisting of an initial slide show and role play indoors.

Outside in the sunshine, kids were delighted to pair up and sit side by side,
working together to hold their oars, whilst figuring out life jackets and getting
their hands on the rudder. The importance of commands and teamwork were
discussed and possibly the highlight of the morning saw Primary 5’s Angus
Huston selected to demonstrate life jacket inflation, thankfully on dry land,
with lots of laughter and awe.

Later on the playing field, a frantic game of ‘Port, Starboard, Bow,
Stern!’ took place, resulting in laughter, confusion and serious
competition from kids and adults alike. The morning finished on a high note
with CORC members joining their kids in a chorus of Speed the Admiral
Redsocks, just before the lunchtime bell.

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