April’s SWI meeting went in search of the Sanderling

Birds were the topic of the evening at the April meeting of the Collieston & Slains SWI. We were pleased to welcome Mr Moray Soutar to our April meeting.  He shared with us stories of his recent visit to Eastern Greenland, where as a volunteer researcher, Moray helped collect data about the breeding habits of a population of Sanderlings.   The Sanderling, occasionally  sighted on the Ythan, does not breed in the UK.  It is a winter visitor and can also be a passage migrant in both spring and autumn as it  journeys to and from its high Arctic breeding grounds.  By means of a power-point presentation we shared insight into the hardships endured by Moray and his fellow researchers as they lived day-by-day in this challenging environment.  The teams of International Researchers were there to collect data about the flora, forna and local environment.   Moray, after describing some of the ever-present threats and dangers from resident wild animals, concluded his presentation with the following endearing picture.


a rather cute arctic fox cub……   sweet

It was also the AGM of the Institute and a new committee for 2015-1016 was formed.