Tood-a-loo Collieston loo!

A public meeting took place last week in the Community Centre to discuss possible options around keeping the public toilets open.  The Community Council later made the decision – very reluctantly – to take on the Community Run scheme.  We felt we had no choice, knowing the importance of keeping the facility.

It’s not all bad news, as we will get a grant which will go a long way to cover costs, and of course it will still be a council building which they will maintain.

Rather than having a year round volunteer rota we hope to employ a cleaner, although we will need volunteers occasionally to cover holidays, sick time etc. This will start on the 1st of April.  The Council were willing to keep the toilet under their management until September but Mick Sheehan, the current cleaner, offered to step down now in the hope that the Council will use the money saved to improve the building.  .

Thank you to everyone who has given so much support to this campaign.  Although the outcome is not exactly what we wanted, visitors and residents alike will continue to enjoy coming to Collieston’s beach – in comfort.

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