Slains Kirk Building 2017

A very big thank you to all of you who made the effort to fight your way through the wind and rain to join the meeting about Slains Kirk building on Monday 6th November.

It was agreed that we would transcribe all the post-it-note suggestions, ideas and comments expressed, so that anyone who is interested and wasn’t able to be there can read them, and get an impression of what was discussed that evening, including a few additional thoughts sent by email from others not able to come.

It was also agreed that anyone could offer to continue discussions on the viability of the various suggestions made, and how or whether to take some of them forward. Twelve people volunteered, signing a list that evening. This is NOT a closed group in any way, and if you would like to join us you are very welcome. We are meeting on Monday 20th November at 7.30 in Collieston Community Centre.

You can also send questions, comments and ideas to the email address:

Below here is a report summarising the meeting, followed by the transcribed notes:

Report from the meeting about Slains Kirk building 6


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