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4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. I have a cousin,Irene Ross living at the Anchorage, Low Town Collieston.
    We visited from near Dublin last Easter.
    I grew up in Collieston at 4 The Cliff.
    I would be interested in your publication.
    Kind regards,

    • Hello George,
      My maternal grandmother was born in Collieston, and the family still has a house there.
      The house was built by my father and my maternal grandfather, on the site of the old house that was visited by Lawrence of Arabia.
      I am now in my nineties, and my memory is poor, but I felt I should try to contact you, to see if there is a link between our Collieston connections!
      Mary Williamson.

      • Hullo Mary,
        I talked to Irene and she thinks it was the ‘Cremola’ house that your folk built. It was on an old site where Laurance of Arabia stayed. If I am correct it was next to ‘ae lum’ which was rebuilt by Dr Martin.
        I would have been holidaying in the ‘Hut’ in the years 1945/6. It belonged to Irene’s father George Ross and was located behind the bakery. We moved to 4 the Cliff in 1947 and remained there till 1961. I was born in 1937 so there is a 10 year gap in our ages. When did you leave the ‘Cremola’ house and what other house did you live in? By the way it was ‘Safie’ (Silver Webster who delivered the milk, papers and gossip!) who named the house. I think it was subsequently owned by the Taggarts.
        Kind regards, George.

  2. Hello George,
    You are right. The house that my mother and father built was known as Creamola Cottage, because it was originally the colour of Creamola Custard.
    It is next to Ae Lum, which originally had only Ae Lum!
    Though 15, The Cliff has been in other hands over the years, my husband and I were able to buy it back, and it is now owned by my son.
    My sister and I are old enough to remember the old house, that Lawrence visited, though my Granny Ross wasn’t aware that her tenant was Lawrence of Arabia.
    If I remember correctly, Dr. Martin’s hut was on the brae above 15, Low Town, which at that time was owned by Dr. Martin from Ellon.
    I would very much like to keep this conversation going. Please write to me at Sunnybrae, 15, The Cliff, AB41 8RR.
    Yours hopefully, Mary Williamson.

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