Big Brother at Forvie

Roe Buck on Forvie NNR May 2013

Roe Buck on Forvie NNR May 2013

You might notice ‘CCTV’ signs on entry to the nature reserve for a bit.  We are using a motion activated camera with night vision capability, to record mammals on the reserve.  Your Data Protection rights mean you should know you might be filmed and you are entitled to see the footage if you are recorded. The camera will be well away from any main routes for up to a week at a time, so I hope it won’t affect your enjoyment of the reserve.  Any queries, just get in touch at the Forvie Centre 751330

New hub for Forvie

dune hub1

dune hub2

First impressions of a new shelter for Waterside, to provide information and a bit of respite for visitors.  The objective was to design a fairly open structure, while offering some shelter and information at the edge of the plantation of trees along the estuary.  This design is also low key when viewed from Newburgh.  If you have any comments or questions, then please do contact me at the Forvie Centre.   The planning application will be submitted in the next couple of months so views heard early would be welcome.  Although we still have bequeath money from Margaret Stevenson to help fund this shelter, we are applying for grant aid so the project is dependent on successful application.

Larking about at Forvie


The skylark has declined dramatically in the UK, but Scotland is holding onto its population for now.  We are starting to record Skylarks and Meadow Pipits across the reserve so we can see how things change in the coming years.  Our new assistant is Rach (short for Rachel) Catrwright and she will be out at weekends looking for all small brown birds over towards the trig point between now and late June.



(photo:  Otter) This year, the North East Scotland Biological Recording Centre (NESBReC) is asking for all records of mammals in the area for a particular project.  Forvie’s list of animals also needs to be updated, so if you see a mammal anywhere in your garden, on the reserve or… in your house, please go to ‘recording’ at Mole hills, footprints and fur can all be recorded too!