CC Contact Details

Chair: Roger Berl

Secretary: Sally Sheehan – 01358 751244

Treasurer: Trish Davidson – 01358 751221

Contact details for our Local Councillors are available from the Aberdeenshire Council website.

2 thoughts on “CC Contact Details

  1. I note that once again you have problems with Aberdeenshire Council regarding the much used and very much appreciated toilets at Collieston. As stated on previous occasions I visit Collieston regularly with my family, all of whom have Myotonic Dystrophy and toileting problems. The provision of these clean toilets greatly enhances our visit, as does the secondary consideration for my family – the shop.
    If there is anything I can do in the way of contacting said Council, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Best wishes
    Mrs. M. A. Neil

    • Thank you for your support, it is appreciated! There is good news about the toilets, at least for the time being. Aberdeenshire Council are providing the Community Council with a grant to maintain the toilets, without the need to take on complete responsibility for them. The grant is passed on to Smugglers Cone who carry out the cleaning etc.

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