Collieston’s Century


This site contains an interactive history of the village of Collieston in Aberdeenshire with particular focus on the sights, sounds and events of the 20th century.

Timeline in Collieston's Century
Timeline in Collieston’s Century

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  1. I have seen my photograph in the education section I attended Slains School in 1961 and was interested to find out any more about the photograph And the pupils photographed . I lived in the coastgard houses in Collieston at the time as my father was a costguard at Collieston Coastguard Station . I have many happy memories growing up there and was suprised to find my class featured in the historybof Collieston .My name at the time was Janette Clark and my father was John Clark

    1. I now live in No1 (what are now called Coastguard Cottages) and was married to
      Lizzie Paterson. You may remember her parents, Bob and Mary. Sadly Liz died
      of liver cancer in January 2016. The only person still alive from the family is Robbie
      Paterson. Her sisters Violet (Pat),Ann, and Jeanie all pre deceased her.
      Liz and I met during our time in the Royal Nany when she was a dental Wren.
      Please feel free to call round if you are in the area.
      John Tubey.

  2. You show a picture of the bakery of Mr. A. Walker and state that he made shortbread “to Mrs. Stocks recipe”. George and Elizabeth Stocks, who owned the bakery prior to Mr. Walker, are my ancestors. I would be very interested to know if anyone still has the recipe.

    1. Hi Betty, What an amazing memory to have! I’ll also put the word out on our Facebook page to see if anyone comes up with the recipe.

      1. Thank you. The women in my family are great bakers and I am sure they would live to see this recipe.

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