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Towards the end of the 19th Century when about 50 yawls, manned by 200 fishermen were fishing out of Collieston, proposals to provide a deep, sheltered harbour were widely mooted.

On 17th October 1894, Lady Gordon Cathcart of Cluny Castle, the proprietor of Slains Estate, laid the foundation stone for a pier to be built which would close a gap through the ridge of rocks called ‘the Black Rig’ on the east side of the haven. Locally, this gap was referred to as the ‘North’ entrance.  Unfortunately the closing of the eastern entrance led to a considerable accumulation of sand within the new harbour and this, together with the advent of steam trawlers working out of Aberdeen, resulted in a steady drift away from the village by fishermen and their families to Torry.

By the mid 1920s only about a dozen small fishing boats worked out of Collieston and the Harbour Trustees had disbanded.  After World War II the pier was in an advanced state of disrepair, battered each winter by furious gales.

An Amenities Committee was formed in 1957 and staged the first of its annual summer Galas the following year. Much of the funds raised over the years went towards pier repairs.

At the end of the 1980s the whole of the inner face of the parapet required renewal. The villagers and lovers of Collieston from far and near, together with Grampian Regional and Gordon District Councils, raised £60,000 to carry out the work in the summer of 1990. To reflect the change of use of Collieston Harbour from commercial fishing to leisure and recreation and to ensure its future, the Collieston Harbour Act of 1894 was updated by Parliament as “The Collieston Harbour Revision Order, 1991” which came into force in November of that year.  This Order required re-establishment of the Harbour Trustees.

Over time, the management of the Pier and Harbour changed, and is now shared between the two remaining original Harbour Trustees positions representing Aberdeenshire Council, and the Collieston Harbour Heritage Group, which is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  CHHG Trustees are volunteer members of the community and the group has it’s AGM in September to which everyone is welcome to attend.

In the last year, a large amount of repair work has been carried out at the back of the pier and also on the inside wall.  Ladders, handrails and guard rails have also been replaced.



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  1. I have long links with Collieston with my Grandmother being Daisy Middleton. who lived at 13 Hightown.
    I spent my child hood exploring Collieson into every nook and cranny. I now live with my family in Perth Western Australia.
    My Mother Margaret Stephen has been sending us a Collieston calendar for as long as I can remember. This year I opened the calendar on Christmas day as usual to see a lovely cover but on opening it needed my glasses on to try and focus in on the tiny photos above every month.
    It seems a real shame that the lovely shots had to be shrunk so much to accommodate them.
    Please could this be looked at before the 2015 calendar is released.

    Kind regards,
    Frank Stephen Jnr
    Perth Western Australia

    1. I hope you liked the 2015 calendar, which I think was a winner.
      I remember visiting your Grandmother, with my Grandmother, Annie Ross.
      Daisy was in charge of the Collieston telephone exchange, if memory serves; but it’s a long time ago, and my memory isn’t what it once was.

      1. Daisy did have the exchange. She was also part of the chain when a wreck occurred. My mum remembers vividly her ringing round to get the rescue crew together.

    2. I am replying to you as I live in Perth Western Australia. I first read about Collieson, was Collie named after it, in an English magazine where there was a lovely article written about it, and its history. It fascinated me, and here I am replying to you. I am wondering about its history, I mean who were its orginal descendents. Where did they come from. Were they German, or Picts. I have decided to write a short story with Collieson as its centre. So you see it has all come full circle hasn’t it.

      Best wishes Carole Lane

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