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Logo and photos by Fiona Bell

SEAchange is a community group

Our vision has four strands.  

  • We want to work towards becoming a carbon neutral community, inspiring others also to live within the resources of our planet. We aim to learn together what can be done to reduce our carbon footprint, our waste and our use of plastics.
  • We are planning to plant community woodland, to offset part of our carbon footprint, and to illustrate in visual terms how many trees would be needed to achieve this. This will be a boost for local biodiversity as well as providing a natural space for the enjoyment of people living locally.  
  • In addition, we hope in the future to create a cafe where the community and visitors could gather, fostering friendships and a sense of belonging, as well as celebrating art, music and our heritage.
    Consultation suggests that there is a need for drop-in opportunities to meet others, especially in the winter when people can feel isolated and lonely.  
  • The newest strand in the SEAchange project is the addition of the glebe field opposite the Community Centre.  Leased from the Church of Scotland, the plan is for open green space and also a community garden.  

SEAchange volunteer Fiona Bell has created several short films – between 2 and 5 minutes each – which you can watch at the following links:

Slains School primary 7s plant the first trees on 5th June 2021

Volunteers plant 500 more trees on 5th March 2022

What you can do to make a difference on climate change – with graphics by Fiona Bell, and science facts from Prof Jo Smith of Aberdeen University.
This short video is both fun and informative – illustrating what each of us can do to cut our carbon footprint to a smaller size.

Film from SEAchange open day 21st May 2022

SEAchange website:

For more info contact SEAchange email:
or phone Anne on 01358 751247

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